2'x3' Mason Hobby Evaporator w/Stainless Welded Pans

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An ideal evaporator for the backyard sugar maker. This evaporator is designed for someone with 15 to 50 taps. Comes with a wood fired arch, insulated door, grates, a 3 section 2'x3' stainless flat pan, a stainless preheater pan, and valves. A nice little starter unit for someone that does not want to do a lot of taps. Requires 60 of the half fire brick (AFB5), and a pail of cement (ARFC). It uses standard 6" smoke stack (SMS6S), and it does need a 6" elbow (SMSEL6). There is a fitting for a dial thermometer with a 6" stem (TH3206 or TH3506), but if you do not want a thermometer you will want to purchase a 1/4" plug for the hole (VSPLG012).