2'x6' Leader WSE Evaporator w/Raised Flue Pan

Item#: EK2X6WSE2R
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Leader WSE 2’ x 6’ Evaporator

The Leader WSE is tig welded of 20 gauge bright annealed stainless steel solid stainless steel connections, and clamps with teflon gaskets. The three compartment syrup pan is rotated to change syrup compartments. This comes with a four foot long raised flue pan and two foot long syrup pan (draw-off side must be designated at the time of purchase). Stainless arch, cast iron grates and stainless stack are included. Capacity 75-250 taps. Requires 14 insulation boards, 109, half bricks, 16 full bricks, and 1 bag of vermiculite.

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