2'x6' Leader Patriot Model (Raised Flue) with Stainless Arch

Item#: EG2X64W2
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2'x6' Leader Patriot Evaporator. This evaporator comes with a stainless wood fired arch, stainless base stack and 3 sections of 10" stainless round pipe. You get 12' of stack total. The arch has a large fire door, and straight sides on the arch. This makes for a larger firebox and an easier time bricking. It has a 2'x4' Raised flue pan, and a 4 section syrup pan. You can order the evaporator with the float box on either side, and you are able to reverse the flow through the evaporator and drawoff on either side. Comes with the floats, pan connections, and drawoff valves. This arch does need to be lined with firebrick and arch board is recommended. We try to keep this item in stock, but there are times in the spring when they sell faster than they come in. Additional items that can be used with the evaporator that are sold separate: 10" Smoke Stack Cover (SMC10) 10" Roof Jack (SMJ10S) Rail Gasket Thermometers Sight Gauge.

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