2'x6' "Leader WSE" Evaporator with Stainless Arch and Drop Flue Pans and Fitting Kit

Item#: EK2X6WSE2
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The Leader WSE 2'x6' evaporator. Comes with a stainless arch and 12' of stainless stack. This evaporator has straight sides creating a larger firebox, and a single door with a sugaring scene on the front. It has a 2'x4' drop flue pan with 7.5" drop flues and a float box. The syrup pan is a 3 compartment syrup pan that needs to be rotated 180 degrees to reverse the flow through it. There is no drain on the flue pan, but it is tig welded and made with 20 gauge stainless just like the larger evaporators. Designed for 75-150 taps. Items sold seperate that you may need/want: 10" Stack Cover 10" Roof Jack Pan/ Rail Gasket Thermometer with 6" Stem 14 Full Firebrick 98 Half Firebrick 14 Insulation Arch Board 1 - 50# Pail of Refractory Cement.