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How To Sell Your Syrup to Bascom

Did you know Bascom takes in thousands of gallons of locally tapped maple syrup from independent maple producers each year? Many local producers sell all their syrup directly to us, while others only sell their excess syrup to us after they’ve set aside their annual retail stock. Either way, selling your syrup to Bascom can be a profitable and efficient way to make the most of your seasonal stash.

In this blog, we’ll outline the process of selling your syrup to Bascom. We’ll answer some of our sellers most frequent questions and provide you with our complete process from start to finish.


Step 1 | Determine if You Qualify

Let’s start by answering this important and frequent question: How much maple syrup can I sell to Bascom?
The answer is that we only accept syrup in bulk food grade containers of 15 gallons or larger.

Step 2 | Make an Appointment

This is new for the old timers and important for everyone: Appointments are required to sell your syrup to us. Please call our front office at 603-835-6361 to schedule your appointment. Usually we can schedule you for the same or next day. Your scheduled time will be for one hour, but feel free to show up anytime within the allotted hour.

When you call the front desk to schedule your appointment, you can also ask the receptionist about the current pricing Bascom pays for bulk syrup. The pricing can fluctuate from year to year, but usually stays relatively consistent for the season. Pricing is determined from a variety of factors, including demand, sap yields, Canadian pricing, and others.

Step 3 | Show Up at the Dock

Sometime during your scheduled hour, bring your truck to the dock directly behind Bascom’s showroom. A Bascom employee will help you pull the containers off your truck and onto a cart to be weighed. The process of accepting your syrup usually takes about 15 minutes and follows these three steps:

  • Weigh the containers.
  • Remove a sample for each container and visually determine the grade of syrup.
  • Taste each sample to further confirm and determine the grade.

Important Note: All drums and containers must made of Food Grade Materials. Containers that do not meet this requirement will be turned away at the dock.

Step 4 | Get Paid

After all your containers have been sampled and graded, Bascom will enter them into our computer and write you a check on the spot or apply as credit towards new equipment. If you’re a first-time seller, you’ll need to fill out a Supplier Expectation Form/Packet.

Step 5 | Leaving & Retrieving Your Containers

It is important to ensure that all your containers have your name (or farm name) on them at the time they are left with us. How fast you can pick them up depends on the season. During our busy season of March/April it can be as long 7 months, and during our off-season it can be as little as 2 weeks. The most important thing is to check with us the next time you stop by or give us a call to see if they’re ready. When you eventually pick them up, they will be steamed cleaned and ready to fill.


If you’re interested in selling your maple syrup in bulk to Bascom, it is an easy process if you follow the steps we illustrate in this blog. Each year Bascom relies on independent maple syrup producers as an important part of our business and together we can help keep this unique and historic maple syrup industry strong.


To schedule an appointment, call our front desk at (603) 835-6361

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